The Samsung Sound Experience


Sound is a joy humans have treasured for hundreds of years, yet it is only now that the technology to encapsulate and deliver quality sound has arrived. There are several headphone options on the market, including Samsung products. Samsung has a history of reliable electronics with sleek and intuitive designs, and furthers this ideal in their line of headphones.Click here more great reviews.s-l300 (1)

Samsung is Level On PRO Headphones.

This product received 4.7 stars out of 5 on Samsung’s website, and given the features it promises, is well-earned. These headphones are noise-cancelling in order to preserve the pure sound emanating from the speakers. Whether the wearer uses these for gaming, music, or listening to books, this is an important quality that helps create an immersive experience.

  • They offer 24bit digital audio quality, which creates a grand “concert hall” sound.
  • These headphones are made with sturdy and attractive materials, and are engineered to create a sleek and compact design. Like their other technological products, Samsung made this product as convenient and intuitive as possible.
  • There are simple commands in order to customize the user’s intake of sound, including allowing other noises in in case the user wants to be more aware of surroundings.
  • There is also a corresponding app that helps the user optimize their individual sound experience by adding underlying sounds or amplifying certain features of their music.
  • These headphones also come in a wireless option for ease of use. They are also fairly expensive, so they’re mostly viable for those who demand high quality sound and great engineering.

Samsung  Level U Wireless HeadphonesSamsung-LEVEL-U-Wireless-Headphones-Earbuds-Colors-Analie-Cruz

 These headphones are shaped to fit comfortably in the user’s ears.
  • The 12mm speaker units mimic the Level On PRO Headphones in delivering clear sound.
  • Because they are wireless, it’s easier to move around and use these while working out or on the go.
  • This product is compatible with Samsung smartphones and are notable for their comfortable design, only requiring a small neck piece and the headphones themselves. These are more reasonably priced, and are still engineered with the same quality Samsung values.
Although there aren’t many Samsung sound products, these two focus on quality of sound and ultimately sound engineering.


 Samsung also offers cheaper options like the

Samsung OEM Galaxy s6 edge earphones.

These received four out of five stars for the clarity of the sound they deliver.

  • Similar to the Level U headphones, these are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, though they are not as mobile as the Level U Headphones.
  • These headphones offer “wind and noise supression” to further immerse the user and to provide purer sound quality.
  • The most appealing aspect of this product is that it’s very affordable, but engineered by the same people who promise top quality sound.





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