The best Samsung phones of 2016


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The flagship was announced in February 2016. It is got to be the best 2016 smartphone in the market with excellent performance and a good battery life. The phone has a magnificent screen quality with and impeccable gorgeous design.


This phone is among the best phones one can purchase due to the following solid reasons. The smartphone gadget of a 5.5-inch screen with a quad HD screen display with a curved screen display. This means that the images are very clear.


The top has a two pops of a micro SD slot, a microphone slot. Along the bottom, the phone houses a headphone jack and a micro-USB port to charge.


On the surface, the Galaxy S7 Edge has plenty of similarities with the predecessor. It has a metal trim on the middle sandwiched between a gorilla glasses 4. The back of the phone contains amazing features such as the heart rate monitor, a Samsung logo and not forgetting a flash back camera sensor.


The other big news about this phone is that it the phone is dust and water proof with, and the handset has proved to last for about 24 hours between charges.


Despite the amazing factors, the phone is considered to be very expensive. The gadget sells for about $499.99 on Amazon. Also, the phone has a slightly plastic feel to it.



Samsung Galaxy S7galaxy-s7


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a 5.1 inch with a quad-HD display with a 1,440x 2,560. It is an outstanding display and with a stunning look. The quality of the screen is one aspect that cannot be left out. Samsung is known for a top-notch screen display which gives an assurance of color quality and clear images.


If you are looking for that perfect Android phone, then the Samsung Galaxy S 7 is what you should be buying.


The phone boost of an exceptional display, powerful chipset, and expanded memory. All these features are inbuilt in a waterproof body that is water and dust resistance. Another interesting feature is the fingerprint magnet. This is an outstanding option for anyone considering a high-end compact phone with a limited budget.


The phone has a 3000mAh battery capacity and it an Android 6.0.1 marshmallow. A 12mp front and 5mp selfies camera and the charging are fast and wireless charging. The phone has a 4GB RAM with a capacity of expanded memory using a memory card.


The downside of this phone is that the phone has poor speakers. Also, the fingerprint magnet is not as efficient, and the Touch Wiz has been to have some quirks.



Samsung Galaxy Note 5Galaxy-Note-5-4


The Note 5 is the most successful projects by Samsung especially due to the S Pen stylus. The S pen happens to be very similar to a normal pen and is such an incredibly useful tool that is considered easy and quick to use.


The phones camera is 16 MP that ensures one captures the memorable moments with family and friends.


The phone boost of a large screen with a crisp and clear display of images. The galaxy note is a 5.1.1 android phone that assures solid performance, with a good battery life of 3000mAh capacity. The RAM is 4GB which is enough room for storage.


As much as it is a great phone, the phone does not have expandable storage and no IR blaster. Also, the S pen mechanism is prone to damage.


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