The Samsung Sound Experience


Sound is a joy humans have treasured for hundreds of years, yet it is only now that the technology to encapsulate and deliver quality sound has arrived. There are several headphone options on the market, including Samsung products. Samsung has a history of reliable electronics with sleek and intuitive designs, and furthers this ideal in their line of headphones.Click here more great reviews.s-l300 (1)

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Samsung VR System: The Samsung Gear VR Headset


Samsung’s premiere virtual reality system, called the Samsung Gear VR, is the brand’s virtual reality headset made strictly for wireless Samsung products. Not to be confused with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or other VR products intended for stand-alone gaming with augmented reality, the Samsung Gear is made for Samsung products such as: the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and the Edge series.Product-Specifications-for-Samsung-Gear-VR-Innovator-Edition3-e1409978784857-750x684


These mobile devices are connected to the VR headset directly, where the user can play games on their phones and experience virtual reality on the go or at home.

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Top 4 Samsung Smartwatches 2016


The smartwatch is the major smartphone accessories. Apart from telling the time, it can beam vital notifications direct to your wrist and also run your mobile apps. Additionally, with a smartwatch, you can use your voice to search the internet and track various things using GPS. Choosing the best smartwatch that completely meets your needs can be challenging as there are plenty of options to choose from. Samsung is one of the contenders in the smartwatch market. Here are the best Samsung smartwatches of 2016. Screen-Shot-2015-06-08-at-8.39.37-PM-450x229 Continue reading

The best Samsung phones of 2016


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The flagship was announced in February 2016. It is got to be the best 2016 smartphone in the market with excellent performance and a good battery life. The phone has a magnificent screen quality with and impeccable gorgeous design.


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Best Samsung Tablets 2016


Why you should get a tablet?galaxy-tab-2-11

When  people think of getting a tablet, they assume that they are just getting a cheap rip off of a computer. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Despite not having a keyboard and a small screen they are still valuable objects with lots to offer. Not only are they smaller and lighter than computers but they can do nearly all of The same things. So, rather than thinking of a tablet as a step down rather think of It as a step up. Continue reading

Top 3 Samsung Laptops of 2016


Technology has come a long way over the past few years, and with these advancements some have found it hard to keep up. New devices are being introduced every day and determining which is the best is no easy task. While there are many brands that offer top of the line products, there are a few that always seem to stand out among the rest. Samsung has a strong reputation and has been trusted to bring high quality electronics to all of its customers. Continue reading

A Short History of Samsung


Samsung Early Beginnings:w620h405f1c1-files-articles-2015-1089030-lee-byung-chul-samsung-doanhnhansaigon


The Samsung name is known around the globe as a conglomerate whose brands are assigned to products in construction, defense areas, insurance, entertainment industry, advertising, electronics, and more. Samsung history began with a Korean trader named Lee Byung-chul in 1938. Mr. Byung-chull opened a store which produced and traded goods around the city. He was known as an honest and dependable store owner. Continue reading